Seed/Grain Analysis Kit (GIG-14)

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1 no. Dispensing Balance.
1 no. Hand Magnifier – (4″dia) size
1 set of Parkhi – (9″, 12″, 14″) size.
Scoop Set
1 no. Enamelled plate – (12″dia) size.
1 no. Palm Husker
Measuring cylinders – (10cc, 50cc, 100cc) size.
1 no. Forceps.
1 no. Brass Seed Caliper.
1 no. Petri dish
Packed in a compact brief case specially designed for Seed/Grain Inspectors.
An image showcasing a Seed Analysis Kit, containing various tools and equipment necessary for seed quality assessment, including magnifying glasses, seed counters, tweezers, and measuring devices, arranged neatly in a box.
Seed/Grain Analysis Kit (GIG-14)