Rice Miller (Mc Gill Type) (RTE-21)

Original price was: 35,000.00 ₹.Current price is: 22,000.00 ₹.

Sample Size 150g. (Approx.)
Weight / size 24kg / 37 x 25 x 27 cm.(approx)
Elec. Motor 0.5 HP Single Phase
Optional Timer
  • Maintenance free.
  • Lower Power Consumption.
  • Simple and trouble free mechanism.

Testing Rice samples for Milling Quality, Grading Color and Style.


An image of the Rice Miller McGill Type machine, designed for efficient husking and polishing of rice grains. The machine is shown in a laboratory setting, highlighting its use in rice quality control and processing.
Rice Miller (Mc Gill Type) (RTE-21)