Grain Moisture Meter (AG-12)

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Product AG-12 Grain Moisture Meter
Principle of Measurement Resistance/Conductivity Measurement
Measured Parameters Moisture
Calibration Automatic
Range 8 – 40.0%
Accuracy Plus / minus 0.50%
Display 3.5 digit LCD Display
Resolution 0.1
Room Temperature Compensation Automatic
Power Supply 9 volts dc through adaptor or 1.5 V x 6 dry cell
Weight 1.5 kgs apprx.
Dimensions  16  x 9  x 9  cms apprx.
Packing ABS case supplied with hopper & Operation Manual


  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Auto- Off For Longer battery life
  • Light weight and Compact, easy to carry
  • Various grain moisture Measurement
  • Averaging , error correction facility
  • Calibrated for 12 crops
An image displaying a Portable Digital Grain Moisture Meter (AG-12), showcasing its compact size and handheld design for easy use in various settings. The meter features a digital display and control buttons, indicating its user-friendly interface and portability.
Grain Moisture Meter (AG-12)