How Digital Grain Moisture Meter Help Find Moisture Content

digital grain moisture meter for finding moisture content

The measuring process of moisture content in grain is not as complicated as you think. Anyone can do it easily with the help of a digital grain moisture meter now. The traditional measuring process was irritating because the digital moisture meters were not introduced then. So, to check the quantity of moisture in the grain, farmers used to break the grain. If the grain fails quickly, it is considered dry and otherwise not.

But with the blessing of technology, agricultural scientists made Digital moisture meters to measure the moisture content in grains. With the help of this digital moisture meter, farmers can check the moisture present in grains in a more accurate way.

With the help of a Digital grain moisture meter, farmers may get to know the accurate timing to start a harvest. Now let’s jump over the process of using the Digital Moisture Meter.

Methods of Measurement

It’s good to say that the introduction of digital moisture meters in the agriculture industry has replaced traditional checking moisture content in grains. Farmers have become happy and relaxed with this feasible method of moisture content testing. Following are the several methods of measuring grain moisture content, have a look:

Primary method

The primary method is all about the measurement of the grain. Here farmers do the weight of the grain in the starting phase. Then, with the help of hot air, water is evaporated from the grain. And they keep on sticking to the process until the weight gets changed.

On reaching the final weight, the initial weight is subtracted from it in order to check the moisture content for the final weight results. This method is also known as the microwave or oven method.

Secondary Methods

The secondary method measures grain moisture using electrical resistance or electromagnetic properties. In this process, the electrical properties of the grain are being used because grain is a conductor of electricity as it contains water. These methods are usually fulfilled with the help of Digital moisture meters.

Now, we will jump over the process of how digital grain moisture meters help to find moisture content?

Using Digital Grain Moisture Meter to Measure Moisture Content in Grains

There are different varieties of moisture meters. If you want to know more about digital moisture, contact us to choose the best kind of moisture meter. It would be best to put the ground grain in some moisture meters to detect the moisture content. In other meters, grain is weighed for others, like Argrain’s moisture meter. In Argrain’s moisture meter, you need to insert the probe part of the device into a bag of grains.

Ideal Moisture Contents for Various Grains

One of the widespread difficulties farmers face is the ideal % of Moisture Content in different crops. The reason behind this is that all crops contain additional Moisture content. Another complexity is that several agricultural scientists have opinions over % of Moisture content of grain harvesting.

Here are a few examples of the ideal % of Moisture content for harvesting purposes:

Corn: According to the study by agronomics site, the best time to harvest corn is “between 22 to 25 per cent” moisture content.

Wheat: According to research by the DuPont Pioneer agronomy page on grain, the best time to harvest wheat is “between 20% and 14% moisture.”

Rice: Rice is more prone to moisture weather as it is a staple crop. According to the International Rice Research Institute study, the ideal %MC of rice at harvest is between 20% and 25%.

Rye: A little investment of time is required for the harvest of Rye. According to the Alberta Agriculture and Forestry page research, Rye should “be swathed when the kernel moisture content is 40 to 45 per cent.”

Further, according to this study, it has been considered that the ideal time of harvesting this crop should take place after a slow drying process in the field wherein the %MC of the Rye is reduced to below 20%

Wrapping Up

Technology has made this possible for the farmers to accurately understand moisture content with the help of a Digital Grain moisture meter. If you also want this benefit, contact us to buy the best moisture meter.

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