Why Use Digital Grain Moisture Tester for Quality Control

digital grain moisture tester

The moisture tester allows you to know with certainty when the grain is dry for use. The benefits of using a digital grain moisture tester includes quality control, mold prevention, and efficiency.

It seems simple for those who step into the supermarket, buy rice and cook them with acceptable water content. But this is the only time an average buyer or a consumer cares for the moisture or water content in the rice.

But, what for those who are a producer of grain. The moisture content in the grain plays a critical role in affecting its sale weight, quality, and ability to be stored long-term. Therefore, the moisture content in the grain is essential for those who grow or sell grain; they are seen as very serious about the moisture content, so they strictly monitor this.

The Moisture Meter, a handy digital grain moisture tester, plays a vital role in quality control for these grain producers. So let’s check how a digital moisture meter tester helps test the quality and quantity of moisture in the grain?

Reasons to Use Digital Grain Moisture Meter: How Moisture Meter Helps?

Here are a few reasons why to use a special moisture meter for grain:


One reason grain producers use specialized moisture meters for grain is that getting a reliable reading of the moisture content of grain can be done much faster with a moisture meter than with traditional testing methods.

There is no doubt that speed in service is one of the main reasons for every business to retain customers’ attention. A digital moisture meter helps the grain producer read the moisture content in the grain at a reliable and much faster speed. This digital moisture meter tester reads the moisture speed much faster than the traditional testing methods.

The traditional grain moisture tester method, like the oven testing method, involves steps:

  • Weighing
  • Drying in an oven
  • Weighing again
  • Repeating this whole process again and again until weight changes no more

As you can see, this traditional moisture grain testing method is relatively slow, and you need to waste a large amount of grain to reach the final results.

With the help of digital grain moisture meters, it has become [possible to get the moisture content results within minutes in a better way.

To Get Accurate Results

You might wonder why a moisture meter would be necessary to prove that a grain sample is an appropriate weight. Why not just use a scale?

If you are thinking about why a digital moisture meter for grain is essential for weighing to make sure an appropriate grain weight? Why can’t we use Scale?

Yes, there is no doubt that Scale is vital to weight the grain products, but with the help of a digital moisture meter, you can prove that the weight is the grain and not moisture wrapped in the grain. For example, if 100 lbs. of grain is sold with a moisture weight of 20% (which is indeed a high amount for long-term storage, 20% of the amount would be based on the total weight of the grain. Ultimately the buyer will be at a loss when the grain dries.

But with the help of a grain moisture meter, a buyer can make sure how much moisture is present in the grain and can calculate the amount of moisture and grain individually for the purchase.

Large Batch Measurements

The traditional grain moisture method, like the oven-dry test, takes a long time to get the final results. Moreover, if you want to test the moisture of a small amount of grain, you need to waste a large amount of grain to get the results.

With the help of a digital grain moisture meter, getting moisture content results is very fast and straightforward. Moreover, you can attach speciality electrodes and stick them in the grain. For example, Agrain’s AG 74 Grain moisture meter is available in the market with unique special features like:

  • Direct Reading Display for all commodities
  • RS-232 Port is available for interfacing Printers or Personal computers
  • Separate code for each commodity
  • No Arithmetic is Required
  • Room Temperature Display
  • Calibrated for 60 crops
  • Custom Calibrations can be provided


Argrain’s A74 digital moisture meter is very versatile as it can take optional probes to test for moisture deep in a pile or stack of grain.

As with any Argain’s moisture meter, the G-7’s optional probe slot is a standard design, able to fit any of Argain’s optional probe attachments, including those meant for hay. This digital grain moisture meter keeps the ability to test the grain and the other farm products such as hay or cotton. So it could be said that this grain moisture meter is far better than other options.


If you want to save your time, energy and money, pick the best digital moisture meter. There are various digital moisture meter sites to find reliable moisture meters.

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